Thursday, October 18, 2012

Broken? Ankle. :(

I was walking down off the hill for Eerie Acres Haunted Forest.
It's a Halloween thing my Aunt does every year. Her son had been throwing rocks down the steps, and since it was dark, you couldn't see anything. Well... let's just say my foot/ankle found it. Everyone heard it crack. ouch. Unfortunately, since I'm in Athens Co. instead of Fairfield Co. I can't go have it checked out. No insurance, and it'll cost me down here. It won't in Fairfield due to many reasons.

I can't stand it when people ask, 'can you move it?' 'can you walk?'. OF COURSE I CAN MOVE IT. OF COURSE I CAN WALK ON IT! I'm in shock! The pain hasn't fully hit me yet. That first initial crack hurts like a mother though. OUCH!

It's also a myth that you can't walk on a broken ankle, because YOU CAN. I've broken my ankle before and walked on it for a week before even having it x-rayed. I was also only 4 at the time. Yay for high pain tolerances/thresholds? lol

The worst part? I still have work to do until I get to go home. Not everything is finished for the haunted forest. :/ I'm just going to have to push through the pain and keep going to get everything done.

On the bright side? This limp's going to give me an amazing zombie walk. lmao

You should see how swollen this thing is. This is AFTER it had been iced on and off all night. ick. No bruising though... I don't bruise easily. Didn't bruise the last time I broke it either. :P

I think the worst part out of all this is probably the fact that it's going to keep me from working out. :( I can't believe this happened... again! About 5 months ago, I think I broke my other foot. Couldn't walk on it for a month, and it still hurts if I step on it wrong. Stupid me never went to have it checked out though because I couldn't afford an x-ray. :/ I just had to stay off of it for a while, and test it every day at least once to see how much weight it could handle... let's just say, not much.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

How do I look?

My hair is a mess, and I'm not wearing any makeup... but that's not what I'm asking. lol

After losing 65lbs... I'm able to fit into a lot of outfits and sizes I wasn't able to before. I'm proud of myself, and I hope I can continue to my 115lb goal. I'm currently at 170lbs from 235lbs. :) I can't believe I've made it this far! :D

Unfortunately, since I traded my camera for a MacBook, I don't have my camera to take my photos anymore, so I'm stuck with the webcam.

As we all know, I have disproportionally short legs. Very short. I only have a 40.2% ratio... Average is 47-48%. Unlike most people with short legs, I know how to dress to make them look more proportional. As you can also see, if you dress properly, even bigger girls can wear skinny jeans. They're not only for 'skinny' people.

The only thing worse than having short legs, is having such a long torso. I have the hardest time finding shirts that'll fit me properly. They're all too short. I have to wear tanks under them to make them wearable. Under this one, I have a white tank tucked into my jeans. Once again, skinny jeans look perfectly fine on a 'fat' girl. I'm sick and tired of hearing that larger women/girls can't wear them. It's completely untrue.
In addition to shirts not fitting well, dresses don't fit very well. They're too short, and I won't ever be able to wear one without leggings. :/
I bought this dress MONTHS ago as a 'goal' dress, and I'm FINALLY into it! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Confused. Updates. Weight loss and gain. Handmade Crafts. Ect...

I'm honestly not exactly sure why I haven't been updating this.
It's not like working out is taker over my life...  Okay, well maybe it is.

I was down 65lbs. I wish I was down more, but eh... I'll take it.

Unfortunately, I went down to my grandpa's...
Every time I go down there, I always manage to gain about 10lbs.
I have no idea how or why... I just do.
I don't even have to eat anything, and I can work out like CRAZY, and I'll still gain 10lbs.
Maybe it's water weight... or maybe my body just hates me... I really don't know.
All I know is, all the work I've put into losing the extra 10lbs, and all the months it took, it took less than a week to gain it all back. :(

It's the things like that that are completely and utterly depressing, and make you just want to give up.

I don't want to give up though! I want to keep going!

Another thing that may have contributed to it, is the fact that I haven't been feeling well... therefore, I haven't been able to work out as much. My 5-7 miles a night has dropped down to maybe a mile. Pathetic... I know. But what can you do?

I have to have blood work today, so hopefully that'll tell me what's been going on and fix it, so I can get myself back on track.


The worst part about this whole weight loss experience though, would definitely have to be the fact that NONE of my clothes fit me. I'm down to 2 or 3 pairs of jeans, and maybe 1 dress shirt, along with all my wife-beaters that I work out in and 2 pairs of leggings that I also work out in. :(
How can I stay stylish  and cute if I can't even wear my clothes or afford to buy new ones? It's horrible! Horrible I tell ya! HORRIBLE!!!!

My favorite black leather jacket is also starting to see it's end of days.  The entire side of it has ripped out, and is un sewable... it's also too big, but since it's my favorite, I can't get rid of it. Not yet. I've been using duct tape to hold it together. If duct tape doesn't fix it... nothing will. lmao


On another note... I got a hair cut! :)
I also make hats, scarves, potholders, ect...
If you're interested in owning one of your own handmade items... go to my 'about' page, scroll to the bottom, and click on my ETSY link. It'll take you to my shop! :)

Yes... Even though this is a makeup and fashion blog... I decided to show a photo of myself without any makeup on. I am perfectly fine with the way I look without makeup, and actually prefer it now-a-days. I also realize I need to touch up my roots. WHOOPS! Didn't know they looked that bad until I saw the photo. Inverted skunk much?


And once again, I know I've said it a million times, but I'm hoping to come back to my blog. I recently traded my Nikon D200 (that I took all my blog photos with) and traded it for a late 2010 Unibody MacBook. LOVE IT! Best trade in the world. I'm also saving up some money (1,000$ goal. Might have to up it a bit) to get me some new clothes for when my weight loss is complete. I'm also trying to talk my mom into giving me my camera (SONY) back so I can continue with my blog. When she bought me the Nikon (along with a Nikon F5) for Christmas, she demanded me to give her my Sony. I much prefer the coloring on the Sony to the Nikon... and the Sony also has video where the Nikon didn't. It's also a higher MP. If I can talk her into giving it back to me... my life will be complete. Or at least, complete for now. ha >:)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Proactive!!! FINALLY!

Over the years, I've heard so many good things about Proactive. Every time I get a little bit of money, the first thing I always tell myself is that I'm going to buy some Proactive... and every time I end up blowing my money before I get the chance to. Well this month, I bought it as soon as I got some money. I wasn't going to let myself spend it all and once again, not be able to get it.

Now, my skin isn't too horribly bad (on my face anyway). I've just had some acne due to working out and stress... and the occasional time of the month pop up. Nothing too serious. But for someone who normally has perfectly clear skin, what I do get bugs the crap out of me.

My arms and chest look 95% better than they did in the last post where I talked about using the Lacura face/skin products. Unfortunately, the Lacura ended up making my skin worse while I used it. A couple weeks after I quit using it though, however, my skin tended to clear up quite a bit.

In addition to the Proactive, I'm going to start taking Biotin to help with my skin problems. I want to be able to get my skin as clear as I can possibly get it. I can't handle the random little breakouts. People are constantly looking at me like I'm a moron when I tell them how 'bad' my skin is. Their only reply? They'd "kill" to have my skin... well? I'd kill for the couple of breakouts and dark spots to go away!!

What I got with my kit! :)

The 3-step system:
- Step 1: Renewing Cleanser
- Step 2: Revitalizing Toner
- Step 3: Repairing Treatment
(free gift!)
- Green-tea Moisturizer
(free gift!)
- Dark Spot Corrector

Now, I will say one thing about these items... They are much SMALLER than I thought they were going to be. I could have swore that the bottles my Aunt had were much larger.
I'll have photos of my Day 01 face up later today!!! :)

Normally, I wouldn't do this...

but with today's economy, we can use all the help we can get money wise.
I found this website online that pays out using paypal.
If you're looking for a (not so quick and easy) way to make some extra money, I would definitely try this. :)

Click on the link below. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

50lbs Down! :)

It's official. I'm down 50lbs. You have no idea how great it feels to be down 50lbs.
I haven't been the weight that I am now since the summer before freshman year.


My overall goal is to get down to 105, and I'm currently at 185... so yes. My highest weight was 235. I was extremely and severely overweight. 105 might be a little much since I hold my weight so well... so maybe 115 - 120 might be a little more appropriate, but I'm still aiming for 105. I can't believe I'm telling you guys this. o_O
I'm going to hell now. lol
I just hope that no one who knows me personally finds and reads this. They'll rub it in my face, and never let it go that I was up to that much... and that I'm currently still so heavy. :/

Monday, April 23, 2012

Small Birthday Haul

For my 19th birthday, I received around 200$. That didn't get me much, but what it DID get me, was absolutely gorgeous! In my opinion anyway.
I have recently lost around 50lbs, so I needed to go buy some new clothes whether I really wanted to or not. lol

By the end of the day, I really wanted to scream because my feet were hurting so bad... and the muscles in my right arm feel like they're on fire from carrying not only my stuff, but my moms as well, AND my extremely heavy purse around all day. :/

Light/dirty tan with red roses. It has a cute bow tie in between the boobs, and fits super loose. I probably should have gotten a size smaller, but I wanted to make sure it would fit after it was washed.
Price: 19$

This is actually a dress, but on me, it's a shirt/tunic. lol It's not that I'm tall or anything, it's just that I have an extremely long torso. :P
This has wooden beads around the tie that holds it up.
Price: 23$

This was the only shirt from Walmart that I could find that wasn't ugly. I originally had just gone into Walmart to buy hair dye, but when I saw this... I just had to have it.
Price: 15$

Chocolate brown leather jacket. I honestly think this might be real leather. The weight of this thing is ridiculously heavy, and it's super smooth.
Price: 30$

 Body Central:
This is another dress-turned-shirt. Once again, it's the curse of the long torso. So, unfortunately, this has to be worn with jeans or leggings, but it was so cute, I couldn't help but get it.
Price: 32$

This is a purple-y/magenta-y lace-floral tank top. Once again, this is a little big, but I had to account for the length. The one in my size was way too short.
Price: 36$

I also got a pair of black-suede peep toe wedges. 5 1/2 in heel/wedge. I couldn't get a photo of them unfortunately.
Price: 60$

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lacura Face Care Products: Day 01/02

A while back, I purchased a few products from the brand Lacura. It's a German brand, and from what I've read online about it, it should be sold somewhere other than Aldi's. Yes you read right... Aldi's.

I'm not going to talk about the eye shadows or lipsticks quite just yet though...

Instead, I'm going to talk about the facial cleanser and toner. Yesterday was my first day using the product. I have a photo below of what my skin looks like on day 2. My phone/camera were both dead, and I can't plug my webcam into my laptop because it over powers it and shuts it off. :/ So much for a 1200$ laptop. :P

I will take another photo on day 7, and then day 14, 21, ect. ect. ect... in weekly intervals. From what I've read on this brand and these products, I have very high hopes. It recommends on the bottles to use them each twice a day: Once in the morning, and again in the evening.

The toner and cleanser each cost around 5$... but occasionally, they'll go on sale for 1$!!! What a steal!

Unfortunately for me, on top of having acne... I also have a severe case of Keratosis. That's what's all over my chest and arms. The sad thing is, I take EXCELLENT care of my skin... and it still looks like this. I'm just hoping the Lacura Skin Care products work wonders like people online say it does... and I need to get me some money together to get some Biotin. My mom's been taking the Biotin, and her skin is looking great. She also has Keratosis, but her's is nowhere as severe as mine.

DAY 2: Face
(click on the photo to enlarge)

DAY 2: Chest
(There's a nasty spider bite under the band-aid. Yuck!)
(click on photo to enlarge)

DAY 2: Arms
(click on the photo to enlarge)

The ingredients to BOTH products are listed in the photos below.

Lacura Face Care: Hydrating Facial Cleanser
(click on the photo to enlarge)

Lacura Face Care: Hydrating Facial Toner
(click on the photo to enlarge)

Remember to check back in a week to see the progress!! That is, if there is any. The day I'll be posting the week 1 review will be on Monday the 23rd. :)

Maybe it'll be a nice birthday gift more me... Nice skin. :) (my birthday is April the 22nd by the way!) lol

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Blog Design?

I've been thinking about changing my blog design up a little bit, for a while now. I've had the same layout since I made this blog over a year ago. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the layout I currently have, it's just that I'm ready for something different. Whether it's just a few simple tweaks, or a full-out new layout. I haven't quite decided yet.

So I'm asking all of you!

What do you guys think? Should I just keep it the way it is? Should I just do a few minor tweaks? Or should I do a full-out new layout?

You're guys' opinions would mean so much to me! :)

              Kelsie Ilesha :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

My House is Haunted!

Nothing to do with makeup or fashion. I don't care.
Over the past 15 years of living on the property I currently live at... I've noticed some extremely weird things.
ESPECIALLY within the last 7 or 8. And this last year alone, has been scarier than heck.

Here are some photos.
Notice the figure standing behind my dad.
I took photos of another lamp in the same room to show you it isn't just the light.
Prior to this photo, the light started flickering, then stopped... then turned off on command.

Notice how it looks like the 'ghost' is leaning forward to put it's arm around my Dad.

Here's the other lamp. Same type of lamp. Same type of bulb.

Here's a photo of the figure behind the lamp after my dad got up. Notice how it doesn't look like the ghost's arm is around my dad anymore. It just looks like it's standing there.

And here's a photo of that same lamp... with the light turned OFF.
The figure is still there, but it moved in front of the lamp, instead of off to the side.
And it sort of just looks like a glowing blob.

All of these photos were taken with my phone camera, and were not altered in any way. Other than the first image was sharpened a bit, so you could make out the figure behind the chair.

I'm probably just making something out of nothing though, and these pictures are probably just pure crap. lol

Saturday, April 7, 2012

OOTD 4.7.12!

      Oh, how I LOVE high rise shorts. I've had this whole 'late 80s, early 90s' thing going on lately. Not very 'fashionable'... but I think it's cute, so that's all that really matters... right?
      I'm not sure if I should call this 'vintage'... or 'outdated'. lol What do you think? And the leather jacket... Oh, how I LOVE leather jackets!
       I've also been trying out a natural look on makeup. Nothing more than a tinted moisturizer, and mascara. :) In my opinion, it looks so much better than all that heavy crap I would wear on a regular basis.
       As for my hair, I just crimped it as usual... yesterday. lol I kind of like the look of my hair the day after I crimp it and sleep on it. Looks less crimped, and more natural.

What I'm Wearing:
- Shorts: The darker pair (of 2) of shorts my mom gave me. :)
- Shirt: Grey jersey material w/ silky embroidery down the front from Meijers.
- Jacket: Black pleather jacket from Rainbows.
- Shoes: Same shoes as yesterday.
- Black leggings from Meijers. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

OOTD 4.6.12! & 40lbs down! :)

(Click on the photo to make it larger!)

Whoever said curvy girls can't wear high-rise pants/shorts is a moron. They look just fine on bigger girls... if worn correctly!

     Today's outfit is really a 'throwback' kind of day. I could have almost been sent back to 89'-92'! ha It looks a bit lazy/messy, but I really don't care. I thought it was cute! I didn't show my face because I hadn't done my makeup yet, and I just looked horrible. lol
    My mom gave me a pair of her old shorts a few months back, and at the time I couldn't even get them buttoned. Now I'm able to button them right up! And they're even a bit big on me! Talk about a major achievement! Especially since these shorts were my first goal, and just in time for spring! That is... if Ohio ever decides it wants to let us have spring.
     Ohio weather is a bit unpredictable. One week it can be in the mid 90s, and the next it's in the low 50s. Today it was only 62F, which is what the leggings under the shorts was for. Way too cold to wear them alone.

What I'm Wearing:
- The flannel I stole from my dad. It's a bit big, which it never used to be. :P I guess 40lbs makes a big difference. ha Not sure how much it cost him... but it was free for me! lol
- The shoes/sandals I bought from Meijers a few years back for around 20$.
- The shorts my mom gave me. She's had them for a good 15 years. Still look brand new though!
- A simple black tank top from Debs for 5$.
- Extra long black leggings from Meijers for 7$.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's been what? Three weeks? I'm STILL not over this stupid thing.
It's no longer pneumonia, but it's still pretty bad.

On a brighter note...
I'm down 35lbs now. :) Hopefully by my birthday, I'll be able to be down a total of 45-50lbs. That's 15 more pounds to lose by April 22nd. I seriously need to just start working my butt off again, and just forget about me being sick.
I have a bunch of Advil cold & sinus, and I just need to start taking it. I'm sick and tired (literally) of being stuck in this stupid house, when the weather outside has been amazing! 70-80 degrees(F) for the past week and a half!

OOTD's will be coming back as soon as I get a little bit of money to get me some new clothes. All of my shirts are too big, and my pants are getting there. I'm excited, and mad at the same time. lol

CAMERA DETAILS: (Pictures coming soon!)
-Nikon D200
-Like *New* Condition
-Low Shutter Count. (around 3,000)
-Nikon Brand Batter & Battery Charger
-Owners Manuals (English & Spanish)
-18-55mm AF VR Lens

-70-300mm AF Lens
-50mm AF 1:8 Lens
-Sun shield for 70-300mm lens

If interested, please contact me at:
or request my number to talk to me personally if in/around Ohio.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

OOTD 03-11-12

Even with the pneumonia, I'm not going to let myself look like complete garbage! You never know when you're going to have to hurry up and get out of bed and go somewhere really quick! It's always best to be prepared. :)

I absolutely LOVE the design around the neck of the shirt. It's super elegant... yet edgy all at the same time. Talk about an odd, yet gorgeous combination!
I never take the ring off because it means a lot to me, so I don't really know if I should show it in my future posts. It's sort of a given.

You can't really see the necklace because of my hair, so I took a photo of it around my hand. It has an extremely long chain on it.

Shirt: Dark Blue Silky Dress shirt with beads & Lace around neck: JC Penney: 40$: L
Pants: Dark Blue Skinny Jeans: Alloy: 25$: 16
Jacket: Faux-Leather Black Jacket: Rainbows: 25$: XL
Shoes: Grey/Tan Leather Sandals/Wedges: Kohls: 100$: 10
Necklace: Antiqued Brass Triple Linked Chain & Cross: Handmade
Ring: Black Flower w/ petals Memorial Ring: Meijer: 50$: sz.7

I didn't really do anything with my makeup today just for the fact that I'm sick and I don't want to contaminate it.
I'll be posting a blog soon showing you what I use to curl/crimp my hair! I've been asked soooo many times, and I can't exactly explain it to you... so I'll just show you. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Dreaded iPhone iOS5 Update

If you don't care about this post, just scroll down. The posts you want to see are below this one.
I, like many other people, have decided to update my iPhone4 to the new iOS5.1. I'm a bit scared to do this though after reading the problems some people have been having. It's just that I haven't updated my phone once since getting it, and I have been starting to see some problems. I figured, the best way to get rid of the problems, is update to the newest iOS.

I spent HOURS backing up my phone... and backing up again and again. I was going to make sure I still had everything after I updated. A lot of people reported losing ALL their contacts, photos, music, apps, and pretty much all data from their phone. It was wiped clean. I couldn't afford for this to happen. I had WAAAYYY too many things on my phone that I just couldn't have removed. The photos of my Grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary for one. It was my Grandmothers last happy memory. Everything went downhill from there on. I might upload those photos so you can see them. I keep telling you guys about her, but you still have no idea who she was, or what she looked like. At least this way, when you read my posts about her, you'll be able to put a face to the name.

Unfortunately, things did delete from my phone. Fortunately, I backed everything up SEPARATELY from my itunes.

I can't wait until my contract is up so I can go back to Android. Updates were so much simpler then. Not to mention syncing music and photos... that was a piece of cake. lol

Pneumonia, Pneumonia, Pneumonia!!!

It honestly kills me a little bit inside every time I get sick like this. I work my butt off to lose this weight, and it all gets ruined in an instant. I haven't been able to work out in over a week!! All I've been able to do is lay around and feed my face when dinner is ready... then go back to sleep. :/ I tried walking a couple times, but I could barely make it 3 miles without feeling like I was going to die. It truthfully just seems like God is out to get me these days. Every time I start doing something good for myself, something bad always happens that makes me stop. Every single time I would start working out... BOOM!... I'd get sick. Every time I tried working on some school work... BOOM!... Something would happen to one of my family members that required me to be there for them instead of school (this was over a year ago... but still).

An antibiotic needs to be developed that will allow you to take one or two pills, and then the next day you're better. Yeah... that would be nice. Instead, we're stuck with ones that you have to take up to two weeks, and there's still no guarantee that you'll get better after taking them. Come on smart people! Put your brains together (metaphorically speaking. lol) and get to work! Develop an antibiotic that actually works!

On another note... I FINALLY found my webcam. FINALLY!!! I've been looking for that thing for what seems like ages... and ages, and ages. It was laying on the floor next to my computer... under a pair of pants. SERIOUSLY?!?! It took me months to find something that was RIGHT NEXT to my computer. I'm a moron. Now that I've found it though, hopefully I'll be able to upload some more videos, whether it be makeup tutorials, hauls, or just a random video... I'll be able to do that now. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Long Torso, Long Arms, SHORT Legs...

Does anyone else have this problem?
I started out in life fairly on the shorter side, but that soon changed. I eventually had a major growth spurt, in which I ended up being one of the taller 'kids' in school. But then when I got sick around 12(?), all hell broke loose... so to speak. I quit getting taller... right in the middle of what was supposed to be the growth spurt for my legs! I would go back every other week, and my doctor would measure. I had problems with my legs as a VERY young child, so he was just trying to make sure my legs were growing okay. I also started gaining weight. This was the start of my horrendous weight problem. :/ The 106degree (F) temperature caused my metabolism to completely 'fry', right along with my thyroid... and whatever that thing is in your brain that signals your body to keep growing.
Anyway... as a result of all this, my legs are COMPLETELY disproportionate from the rest of my body. Apparently, I was supposed to be in the 5'8-5'9 range. I'm only 5'3-5'4. :/ My upper body is in proportion with the height that I was supposed to be, where as my legs... not so much. The only way I can make my body look proportional is if I wear my 5'' heels/wedges. They make my about 5'8.
It's so depressing knowing that your body is completely out of proportion because of something that happened to you when you were a child.

Has anyone else had a similar situation as this?

Does anyone else have a similar body type as me? Short legs, but long arms and torso?

I would LOVE to hear how you balance out the body proportion issues, as I've been having a bit of a hard time doing so. :/

Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Day Challenge!!

I've decided to start my 30 day challenge back up again. You can find it in the 'CHALLENGES!' tab on the navigation menu. You can use this challenge to get to know me a little bit more. :) If you are also doing a 30 day challenge, or any other type of challenge, I'd LOVE to follow you and get to know you a bit more as well!!


These challenges are really hard to find in my opinion, but I'm going to keep searching and try to post a new one every 30 days. I'll be adding a 'PAST CHALLENGES' tab to the navigation menu once this month is over so new and old followers can check out my... well, past challenges.

I'm going to try to do whatever it is that I have to do to keep my blog running. Other than being sick, there really isn't any reason for me to not post anymore since my Grandmothers passing. I will forever miss her, but honestly it was for the best. She had a long, hard life with the diseases she was battling. I really don't know how she did it. She always had a smile on her face, no matter what was happening to her. She was the strongest woman I have ever met. I would love to have half of the strength that woman had. She truly was amazing.

Let me get back to the 30 day challenge...
If you find any challenges that you would like me to do, just email me here:
Title it as: 30 Day Challenge Idea
If I have to, I'll mix a few challenges together into one so I can use all of your ideas. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weight Loss Update!!

You know how hard it is to try and keep up on everything?
Between working out, carefully planning out my daily meals, taking care of my moms' new dog, and doing daily chores... I haven't had time in MONTHS to update this blog!
I feel so horrible!
Not to mention, I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. It seems like the only thing I can post anymore are posts about how I'm sorry for not posting posts!

I started working out towards the beginning of January as sort of a New Years resolution thing. I've really been trying to stick with it, and so far, I haven't done so bad. As we all know, I have hypothyroidism... which makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. With that said... I've dropped 30lbs!
I'm finding that a lot of my clothes are getting to be too big on me, and I really need to find some cash and get new clothes. On another note... I've finally been able to get down into my jeans that I've owned for years, but have never been able to wear. :)


10lbs Down

20lbs Down

30lbs Down

Can you tell? 
I'm honestly extremely proud of myself for losing the weight that I did... Now only if I could lose another 30. lol

I've got a lot more to lose, but I'm going to try to keep you guys updated on my weight loss every now and then. :)

It's been really hard, especially recently since I ended up getting pneumonia. I've still been pushing through it though, hoping for the best... though it's probably just going to making me sicker. :/