Friday, April 6, 2012

OOTD 4.6.12! & 40lbs down! :)

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Whoever said curvy girls can't wear high-rise pants/shorts is a moron. They look just fine on bigger girls... if worn correctly!

     Today's outfit is really a 'throwback' kind of day. I could have almost been sent back to 89'-92'! ha It looks a bit lazy/messy, but I really don't care. I thought it was cute! I didn't show my face because I hadn't done my makeup yet, and I just looked horrible. lol
    My mom gave me a pair of her old shorts a few months back, and at the time I couldn't even get them buttoned. Now I'm able to button them right up! And they're even a bit big on me! Talk about a major achievement! Especially since these shorts were my first goal, and just in time for spring! That is... if Ohio ever decides it wants to let us have spring.
     Ohio weather is a bit unpredictable. One week it can be in the mid 90s, and the next it's in the low 50s. Today it was only 62F, which is what the leggings under the shorts was for. Way too cold to wear them alone.

What I'm Wearing:
- The flannel I stole from my dad. It's a bit big, which it never used to be. :P I guess 40lbs makes a big difference. ha Not sure how much it cost him... but it was free for me! lol
- The shoes/sandals I bought from Meijers a few years back for around 20$.
- The shorts my mom gave me. She's had them for a good 15 years. Still look brand new though!
- A simple black tank top from Debs for 5$.
- Extra long black leggings from Meijers for 7$.

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