Saturday, April 7, 2012

OOTD 4.7.12!

      Oh, how I LOVE high rise shorts. I've had this whole 'late 80s, early 90s' thing going on lately. Not very 'fashionable'... but I think it's cute, so that's all that really matters... right?
      I'm not sure if I should call this 'vintage'... or 'outdated'. lol What do you think? And the leather jacket... Oh, how I LOVE leather jackets!
       I've also been trying out a natural look on makeup. Nothing more than a tinted moisturizer, and mascara. :) In my opinion, it looks so much better than all that heavy crap I would wear on a regular basis.
       As for my hair, I just crimped it as usual... yesterday. lol I kind of like the look of my hair the day after I crimp it and sleep on it. Looks less crimped, and more natural.

What I'm Wearing:
- Shorts: The darker pair (of 2) of shorts my mom gave me. :)
- Shirt: Grey jersey material w/ silky embroidery down the front from Meijers.
- Jacket: Black pleather jacket from Rainbows.
- Shoes: Same shoes as yesterday.
- Black leggings from Meijers. :)

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