Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Thyroid Problem

When I was younger I was always one of the 'skinny' kids... though I was skinnier than the skinny kids. I was so skinny when I was younger, that I honestly looked anorexic.
I always had a fast metabolism, that is, until I got sick. My parents rushed me to the hospital one night, at the age of 10, with a 105. 3 fever... and rising. We sat in the emergency room for 3 hours, and waited in the 'patient room' for almost 4. We found out the reason no one had been in to see me... apparently the woman across the hallway was having a baby, and she didn't even know she was pregnant! Of course, they needed every nurse, and doctor on that floor to 'check her out'.
Meanwhile, I'm still sitting in the room across the hall from hers with a rising temperature. My dad finally decided he was going to get up and go find a doctor to come and see me. You know what he told him? "I'm sorry sir, but we have something a little more important we have to tend to right now. There is a woman who didn't know she was pregnant having a baby.".
My dad was furious. He screamed at him. "My daughter has been sitting there with a 105.3+ fever for almost 7 hours... SOMEONE needs to get in there!".
The doctor replied, "that's not that high". That's not that high? really? I'm sorry, but that's dangerously high.
Finally, 9 hours after we checked into the hospital, we finally got checked out, and got to leave. When they finally check it, do you know my temperature was 106.1. I'm surprised I'm not dead!
I only weighed 48lbs. 106.1 F for a 48lb child is excruciatingly high.
Both of my parents noticed that my attitude changed after that night. I also started gaining weight extremely fast.

Now, 8 years later, I'm way past the 'obese' marker. I can only dream of a day where I was once skinny.

A few months ago, we had my thyroid checked. It came back that I had an under-active thyroid. All that was caused by that fever. I have hardly any immune system either.
I was told by my doctor, that if the fever would have been caught and treated soon enough, none of this would have ever happened. Lovely. Just lovely.

I've been on Synthroid now for 3 weeks, and I've already lost 15lbs. My thyroid still isn't what you would consider normal, but it's to the point where it's manageable.

I haven't changed ANYTHING about my eating or exercising habits... so that goes to shoe you right there how fast correcting a thryoid can help.

I think it would be smart for a lot of overweight men and women out there to get their thyroid levels checked if they're overweight, yet don't eat like an overweight person. Thyroid's are dangerous, and if they aren't treated in time, they CAN and WILL KILL you.

The photos I have of me here, I'm a bit heavier. This was before I lost a bunch of weight... only to gain it back again and plus some.
I can't find the one's where I'm extremely skinny. :/

BEFORE: 9yrs

BEFORE: 10 yrs

AFTER: 18yrs

Honestly the only reason I really wrote any of this was to explain to all the people over the years why I'm fat. It's not because I'm lazy. It's not because I eat. It's because of my thyroid. End of story.


  1. My mother has the same issue and she needs to take these hormone pills that make her feel weird all the time. I wish you well. :)
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  2. The synthroid I take makes me feel weird too. :/
    And thanks hun! :)
    I'll most definitely follow you back. :)