Friday, April 13, 2012

My House is Haunted!

Nothing to do with makeup or fashion. I don't care.
Over the past 15 years of living on the property I currently live at... I've noticed some extremely weird things.
ESPECIALLY within the last 7 or 8. And this last year alone, has been scarier than heck.

Here are some photos.
Notice the figure standing behind my dad.
I took photos of another lamp in the same room to show you it isn't just the light.
Prior to this photo, the light started flickering, then stopped... then turned off on command.

Notice how it looks like the 'ghost' is leaning forward to put it's arm around my Dad.

Here's the other lamp. Same type of lamp. Same type of bulb.

Here's a photo of the figure behind the lamp after my dad got up. Notice how it doesn't look like the ghost's arm is around my dad anymore. It just looks like it's standing there.

And here's a photo of that same lamp... with the light turned OFF.
The figure is still there, but it moved in front of the lamp, instead of off to the side.
And it sort of just looks like a glowing blob.

All of these photos were taken with my phone camera, and were not altered in any way. Other than the first image was sharpened a bit, so you could make out the figure behind the chair.

I'm probably just making something out of nothing though, and these pictures are probably just pure crap. lol

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