Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pneumonia, Pneumonia, Pneumonia!!!

It honestly kills me a little bit inside every time I get sick like this. I work my butt off to lose this weight, and it all gets ruined in an instant. I haven't been able to work out in over a week!! All I've been able to do is lay around and feed my face when dinner is ready... then go back to sleep. :/ I tried walking a couple times, but I could barely make it 3 miles without feeling like I was going to die. It truthfully just seems like God is out to get me these days. Every time I start doing something good for myself, something bad always happens that makes me stop. Every single time I would start working out... BOOM!... I'd get sick. Every time I tried working on some school work... BOOM!... Something would happen to one of my family members that required me to be there for them instead of school (this was over a year ago... but still).

An antibiotic needs to be developed that will allow you to take one or two pills, and then the next day you're better. Yeah... that would be nice. Instead, we're stuck with ones that you have to take up to two weeks, and there's still no guarantee that you'll get better after taking them. Come on smart people! Put your brains together (metaphorically speaking. lol) and get to work! Develop an antibiotic that actually works!

On another note... I FINALLY found my webcam. FINALLY!!! I've been looking for that thing for what seems like ages... and ages, and ages. It was laying on the floor next to my computer... under a pair of pants. SERIOUSLY?!?! It took me months to find something that was RIGHT NEXT to my computer. I'm a moron. Now that I've found it though, hopefully I'll be able to upload some more videos, whether it be makeup tutorials, hauls, or just a random video... I'll be able to do that now. 

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