Saturday, October 6, 2012

How do I look?

My hair is a mess, and I'm not wearing any makeup... but that's not what I'm asking. lol

After losing 65lbs... I'm able to fit into a lot of outfits and sizes I wasn't able to before. I'm proud of myself, and I hope I can continue to my 115lb goal. I'm currently at 170lbs from 235lbs. :) I can't believe I've made it this far! :D

Unfortunately, since I traded my camera for a MacBook, I don't have my camera to take my photos anymore, so I'm stuck with the webcam.

As we all know, I have disproportionally short legs. Very short. I only have a 40.2% ratio... Average is 47-48%. Unlike most people with short legs, I know how to dress to make them look more proportional. As you can also see, if you dress properly, even bigger girls can wear skinny jeans. They're not only for 'skinny' people.

The only thing worse than having short legs, is having such a long torso. I have the hardest time finding shirts that'll fit me properly. They're all too short. I have to wear tanks under them to make them wearable. Under this one, I have a white tank tucked into my jeans. Once again, skinny jeans look perfectly fine on a 'fat' girl. I'm sick and tired of hearing that larger women/girls can't wear them. It's completely untrue.
In addition to shirts not fitting well, dresses don't fit very well. They're too short, and I won't ever be able to wear one without leggings. :/
I bought this dress MONTHS ago as a 'goal' dress, and I'm FINALLY into it! :)

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