Sunday, July 31, 2011

Throwback Photos! :)

 I was going through some old photos on my computer, and I came across an old webcam album. Here are some of the photos I found. :)

 My hair definitely looked... different. lol I kind of miss my hair died like this. Not the cut though... that looked bad.

 The photo above, and to the left are of 2 of my cats. These photos were taken 2 years ago. :(
I can't believe it's been that long. It seems like yesterday.
 Blonde hair... phase 1!
My hair was still the same as it was in the previous photos, but I added blonde extensions instead of brown ones... so this was my first transition towards the hair I have today.
 These were taken about a year ago. Is it sad to say that I liked my hair better in these photos than I do now? I've let my hair go to crap lately. It hasn't really been cut since then, and my bangs/fringe has gone out of control! I honestly think I've forgotten how to cut/dye/style hair. lol

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FOTD :) + Extras...

Today has been hectic. A kitten died. The air in our van went out. I can't find any of my new clothes. My phone battery won't stay charged longer than 20 minutes. My Great Uncle Bob passed away. My Grandmother is STILL in the hospital, and I don't think she's doing to well. I weighed myself this morning and I gained 7lbs from last week, yet I'm still on my diet and exercising. It must either be stress adding it on, or I'm holding water from it being so hot.
On a positive note though, I got my blood test results back and my Thyroid is now at a 2.8, and it was at an 8 three weeks ago. It seems like my thyroid medication is finally working. Everything came back normal, which was quite surprising since I've been binge drinking Dr. Pepper like there was no tomorrow. My blood pressure was still a bit up, but that's from the Synthroid. It causes your blood pressure to rise. I've just got to take it easy for a while... or at least I'm supposed to, but I honestly don't think I can. I can't sit around for too long without going completely insane from boredom!
I decided that I was going to get a little dressed up today, even though I knew it was probably a waste of time.
I honestly think I've developed an addiction to red lipstick. I mean, I think it looks good on me, but my mom is constantly telling me otherwise. What do you think? Yay/Nay? What's your opinion on red lipstick in general? 
I've been wanting to do OOTD's but I don't have a full length mirror or tripod, and I really don't trust anyone holding my camera. It's the only one I have, and I paid 800$ for it. No one is touching it. Sorry. 
I just noticed from looking at the photo, that my eyebrows look horrid. I SWEAR it doesn't look that bad in person... err I hope it doesn't anyways. I'm working with a compact mirror and terrible lighting! Give me a break! lol

When I was at Wal*Mart, I picked me up 12 Composition notebooks for 40 cents a piece!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that price. They're more than that at the dollar store! I decided I was going to use those to 'pre-write' my blogs, and then after they're edited I'll post them. That seems like the best idea to prevent typo's and poor grammar. Of course, it isn't 100% fool proof. With my luck, it'll probably still be a complete fail with a million typo's and horrible grammar. Oh well. :/

Here's something of another topic completely! lol. How many of you have tried the FIT me! make up line by Maybelline New York? What was your opinions on it? Me personally, I hate it. Where I'm a natural blonde, I've got a bit of a hairy face, or what we like to call 'peach fuzz'. I'm honestly terrified to get rid of the hair, because I've always heard it comes back twice as thick, and BLACK! I think I'd rather stick with my peach fuzz. When I used the foundation, it looked horrible on me. You could see every little scar, zit, hair, ect.. and it NEVER dried. I'm not sure what the rest of the makeup line is like, but as far as the foundation goes... it's a 100% nono for me. I picked out the 110 for my color tone, but it probably should have been the 120, or maybe a little darker. I'm darker than I appear in photos, but I just can't ever seem to find the 'perfect' shade. I even went to a MAC counter to see what they had, and you know the color they picked out for me was too warm? Right color, wrong shade. I've got Italian in me, so even though I'm pale, I'm still olive toned. I've got quite a bit of olive color to my skin tone. *sigh* 
Someone should honestly develop a line of makeup for olive skinned people since it's so difficult to find the right shade. All in all... I had such high hopes for this, and I was extremely disappointed. :( Pictures? I think so. I'm not going to lie. I man, it has great coverage, and it would probably work for someone with a less hairy face... but just not for me. You can actually see the hairs on my face in the photo. :/


I've got severe rosacea, and I'm pretty sure that's completely obvious. lol
I've had it for about 5 years... It's a real bother to me, which is why I try to find makeup that covers it, without looking to cakey.
This definitely covers it... but it's just way to thick and caked looking.

And don't mind my eye. I'm allergic to a white eyeliner I tried out yesterday. :/
Definitely NOT using that again.

My Thyroid Problem

When I was younger I was always one of the 'skinny' kids... though I was skinnier than the skinny kids. I was so skinny when I was younger, that I honestly looked anorexic.
I always had a fast metabolism, that is, until I got sick. My parents rushed me to the hospital one night, at the age of 10, with a 105. 3 fever... and rising. We sat in the emergency room for 3 hours, and waited in the 'patient room' for almost 4. We found out the reason no one had been in to see me... apparently the woman across the hallway was having a baby, and she didn't even know she was pregnant! Of course, they needed every nurse, and doctor on that floor to 'check her out'.
Meanwhile, I'm still sitting in the room across the hall from hers with a rising temperature. My dad finally decided he was going to get up and go find a doctor to come and see me. You know what he told him? "I'm sorry sir, but we have something a little more important we have to tend to right now. There is a woman who didn't know she was pregnant having a baby.".
My dad was furious. He screamed at him. "My daughter has been sitting there with a 105.3+ fever for almost 7 hours... SOMEONE needs to get in there!".
The doctor replied, "that's not that high". That's not that high? really? I'm sorry, but that's dangerously high.
Finally, 9 hours after we checked into the hospital, we finally got checked out, and got to leave. When they finally check it, do you know my temperature was 106.1. I'm surprised I'm not dead!
I only weighed 48lbs. 106.1 F for a 48lb child is excruciatingly high.
Both of my parents noticed that my attitude changed after that night. I also started gaining weight extremely fast.

Now, 8 years later, I'm way past the 'obese' marker. I can only dream of a day where I was once skinny.

A few months ago, we had my thyroid checked. It came back that I had an under-active thyroid. All that was caused by that fever. I have hardly any immune system either.
I was told by my doctor, that if the fever would have been caught and treated soon enough, none of this would have ever happened. Lovely. Just lovely.

I've been on Synthroid now for 3 weeks, and I've already lost 15lbs. My thyroid still isn't what you would consider normal, but it's to the point where it's manageable.

I haven't changed ANYTHING about my eating or exercising habits... so that goes to shoe you right there how fast correcting a thryoid can help.

I think it would be smart for a lot of overweight men and women out there to get their thyroid levels checked if they're overweight, yet don't eat like an overweight person. Thyroid's are dangerous, and if they aren't treated in time, they CAN and WILL KILL you.

The photos I have of me here, I'm a bit heavier. This was before I lost a bunch of weight... only to gain it back again and plus some.
I can't find the one's where I'm extremely skinny. :/

BEFORE: 9yrs

BEFORE: 10 yrs

AFTER: 18yrs

Honestly the only reason I really wrote any of this was to explain to all the people over the years why I'm fat. It's not because I'm lazy. It's not because I eat. It's because of my thyroid. End of story.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

:*( My Grandmother's in the Hospital...

My Grandmother has been in the hospital for ever 2 weeks now. She's already had to have a finger amputated, and now they're saying she might have to have the whole hand amputated.

I'd appreciate it if you'd keep her in your prayers. Her name is Christine Sikorski.

Even people who don't believe in God, will you please at least keep her in your heart?

She's been battling Reynolds, and Scleroderma for the past 8 years.
She has already had to have all the toes on one foot amputated, 2 toes on the other foot, 3 fingers on one hand, and 2 on the other. Soon to be 3.

No one should have to go through this much pain.

The hospital is NOT doing their job. They've been giving her medication secretly that they've been told NOT to give her. They've been putting Nitro Glycerin on her fingers, to help the blood flow (but that only makes them worse). It's not supposed to make them worse, but it does.

When she went into the hospital, she had NOTHING wrong with her finger. 3 days later, it needed to be removed.

They're also giving her medication that is making her 'lose it'. She's been seeing things, hearing things, ect... that aren't there.

I'm only hoping that you'll keep her in your prayers and hearts...
I don't think any of us could handle losing someone else this month... or anytime soon for that matter.

Monday, July 25, 2011

American Eagle

So I've decided to enter that AE contest.
I CAN fit into American Eagle clothes, and I really think they need to broaden their 'models' so to say. I'm sick and tired of seeing all these size 00 models everywhere. REAL women need to start being seen.

Vote for me, and help make that happen!
Click  || Click 2

Sunday, July 24, 2011

sale! SaLe! SALE!

I'm in the process of cleaning out my bedroom so I can remodel. I've got to get rid of an entire dresser, so I have to go through the clothes, and get rid of what I don't want, don't wear, and possibly never have worn.

I thought, what's a better idea than sell them?!?

The majority of these clothes haven't even been worn, and if they have it was only once.

Whatever doesn't sell will probably go to goodwill. They won't keep any of it though because the one where I live is EXTREMELY picky on what they sell. It's sort of stupid if you ask me. I thought the whole point of goodwill was to provide 'like new' items to the public who can't afford to buy them new? Guess not.

I will only accept payments by money order or green dot cards. I'm still not quite used to using paypal. sorry.
If you don't live too far from Lancaster, Ohio... I will accept cash.

Head on over to my 'CLOSET' link to view what I have for sale at this moment! :)

Security Blanket?... err Pants?

I've had these poor pants for a good 6 years, and I just can't get myself to throw these away. I know I probably should, but I just can't. There are way to many memories involved with these pants. 
Back in 2009, I wore these to a Def Leppard and Poison concert. That is where the big rip in the leg happened. 

The button popped off, or should I say ripped off?, in 2010 when I wore them to warped tour... don't ask.

The whole in the side happened back in 2008 at the Fairfield Co. Fair. I was riding the tilt o' whirl, and when I went to get off, one of my belt loops grabbed a hook. :/

These pants have been through so much, and I just can't let them go.
I never hear the end of it from my mom though. 'Throw them away!!!' she says.

I still wear them! lol
I just have to make sure I'm wearing a pair of black shorts or something underneath them at ALL times so no one can see my underwear. ha

The color of these jeans are like a light grey acid wash. They're not as dark as they look in the photo.

See those two MASSIVE holes in the top/side? Thank you tilt o' whirl! lmao

Here's the lovely butt/crotch hole. :)

And the usual shredding at the ankles.

I'm sure you all agree with me that these need to be thrown away. lol

Do you have any security 'items' that you just cannot live without?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amazon Shopping!

So I've been doing a little shopping on Amazon lately. I've been in dire need of new jackets.
My old ones are literally falling apart. I've had to sew them back together. :/

Is it sad to say that my favorite jacket is my Max Azria jacket from the Miley Cyrus line? I absolutely LOVE it. I had to sew the armpit in that the other day because I ripped it out while I was goofing off with my cousin. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the size of the hole. (A good example photo of this jacket is in the blog post below. My cousin Christie is wearing it... it's big on her though because she's so small).

I immediately went online trying to find another one because I had no idea how to sew. The proof is in the pudding of the poor sewing job. I accidentally sewed the pocket shut! ahahaha
I never thought I'd be THAT bad at sewing. :/

The other jacket I have is from Elder Beerman. That has got to be the most expensive jacket I own. Sad? Yes, quite so. That thing cost around 80$. Definitely not worth it because the quality is horrible. Way too thin. 

I do have this really cheap one from Jc Penney, but as I said... extremely cheap. I'm honestly scared to wear it because I'm scared it will rip. The material is tissue paper thin. No idea what my mom was thinking when she brought that home for me. 

The poor jackets are extremely faded though. You can definitely see they've had a rough life. I mean, I've had the Max Azria one for 4 years!! Other than the armpit ripping, it's held up pretty well. :)
The one from Elder Beerman though? Not so much.

As I said above, I've been doing a little Amazon shopping lately... but not only for jackets. It started out that way, but later progressed into shoes, dresses, shirts, ect. I think I may have developed an addiction. OH NO!

These are some of the Items I purchased... now all I have to do is wait for them to arrive. :)

That's over 500$ in clothes! That's pathetic!!
I'm just hoping they all fit okay, so I don't have to return them... especially since I don't know how. lmao

I like to think I still have a little bit of 'rocker' in me, even though my mom likes to think otherwise. She seems to think that I 'grew out' of that stage. I didn't grow out of it, I just moved onto better music. :) lol Not really into all that screamo crap like I used to be. I'm more of a metal head now. ha

Friday, July 15, 2011

Selena Gomez "I love you like a love song" inspired look... (which one do you want to see?)


Now, I know I'm a little late on doing this, but I have to wait until the next time I see my cousin.
I'm going to use her for this tutorial since she actually LOOKS like Selena.
It would just look so much better.

Which look would you like to see from the video?
(I can do pretty much any of them except for the beiber-a-like and white wig)

Here's Christie! (the cousin that looks like Selena)
I mean, we think she does anyway.

Now go on!!
Pick a look from the "love you like a love song" video!
The next time I see her, I'll have a new tutorial for you! :)


The other day I went on a small, yet successful haul. :)
Clothes mainly... err completely.

Here's a little look of what I got, and where I got it from... and the price. :)


The first shirt I bought was this adorable little pink ruffly shirt. It has a MAJOR slimming effect. :D You've GOT to love that.
I got this shirt for 15$ at Meijers. :)

I also got 3 more of this design.
1 in a hot pink/tangerine.
1 in black
& 1 in white.

The next shirts are also from Meijers, and were also 15$.

These shirts are sort of a coral pink color.
I also got two more of these.
1 in a mint-y green, and one in black. :)

I love the backs of these shirts. They're so lacey... and flowery.

They fit loose, and the arm wholes are HUGE, so you don't have to worry about 'sweat stains' in the pits.
You will need to wear a tank under these though, unless you like displaying every single 'item' under it.

 I also got this cute little purple/grey/gold striped shirt.
Even though it's got horizontal stripes, it still has a slimming effect.
I think it has to do with the ruffles on the side, and the large sleeves.
(I apologize for the HORRIBLE photo of this... well all of them a matter of fact)
Sadly... you can't really see the ruffles on the side. :(

This was also 15$... I think?
possibly 20$.

This shirt is sooo cute!!
it's a grey jersey/silky kind of material.
Cost? 25$

FINALLY!!! The last Item I bought from Meijers...
3 pairs of black leggings.
They're so thin and comfortable for the summer... yes, even though they're black. :)
oh, and did I mention they were only 4$!!!!!!! :D
what a steal!

Grande Total? 171$

Now, onto the Items I bought from Kohls. :)

When I saw this shirt, I just couldn't help but snatching it...
It fit's loosely, and it's the PERFECT shirt for that 'time of the month' bloating feeling.
It's a little short, but that's nothing a tank under can't fix. :)
This was 20$ on sale! :D

I also bought me a pair of black suede peep toe heels. :)
The heel on these are much taller than they look. They're sort of sinking into the blanket a little bit. ha
They're actually 4 3/4 or 5 inches.
Brand: Candie's
I think these were around 90$ originally, but since I signed up for a Kohls card, I got these for 60$!!!
not to mention, they are SUPER comfortable, and so easy to walk in!

Next, I bought me a pair of metal/tan colored wedges.
To me, these have 'rocker-chic' written all over them.
The 'heel' or 'wedge' is 5 1/2 inches...
Not as easy to walk in as you would expect.
These take a little practice.
Brand: Elle
Price: Originally 100$... but I got them for 70$. :)
Grande Total: 150$


Yes, I know what you're all thinking...
"ew?!?!?! GOODWILL?!?!?!"... let me just tell you this.
The Goodwill where I live has 2 different sides.
the 'new' side, where everything is pretty much brand new...
and the actual 'goodwill' side.
I got this stuff from the 'new' side.

I got these cute pair of wedges for 5$!!!!!!!!!
They were originally 100$!!
If that isn't a good steal, I don't know what is!
Brand: Chinese Laundry
The 'blue' is actually more of a teal.

and this shirt... a 'Miley Cyrus' shirt.
I already had this shirt a long time ago because I though it was really cute, but them my cat puked on it and ruined it... so when I found this one, (and in my size!!) I had to get it. :)
5$ :)

Grande Total: 10$!!


I'm seriously getting tired of shopping for clothes when my size prevents me from actually finding anything cute. Every now and then though, I find something. :)
Like this!

I have a white one too, but it was being washed, (this one was hanging to dry) so I couldn't take a photo of it. :(
Price: 25$
It fits baggy, which is nice.
A little long though. I really can't complain about that though, since I'm a sucker for long shirts.
I never really have like short shirts. They just make you look bigger in my opinion.
(please excuse the floor... we just tore up the carpet to put in wood floors)
Grande Total: 50$

Here's two photos of me 'modeling' one of the shirts and the leggings! lol
and the black heels... but you can't really see them.
(not my bedroom)

Weight loss update: 15lbs. :)