Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm starting to think I'm never going...

to get to start back up on my blog.

Anyway... remember how in my last video I stated that my grandmother was doing better? Well, she passed away on the 17th of November from a watershed stroke. :(
She went in for a nosebleed, and passed away a week later.

I've just been trying to deal with what's been going on, and trying to help my family cope. It's definitely been hard because she was honestly the most loved person in the family. Thanksgiving was hard, and I have a feeling Christmas is going to be even harder.

I recently (and by recently, I mean an hour ago) opened my own Etsy shop so I can sell some of the necklaces and bracelets I make. :)

Go here!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Bit About Me...

Here's that video I promised you guys!!
 It took FOREVER to upload!


 Please pay no attention to the end when I point down to where an email is supposed to be. I didn't have time to edit that in. e
mail: kelsie.ilesha@gmail.com

A Little Bit of Drawing...

I promised you guys a new video, and it's uploading as I'm typing this. A day late, but it's still going up.

Something else that's really been interesting me lately is drawing.
It's been a good 10 years since I've really drawn anything...

I sat down tonight and tried to draw a picture of Jensen Ackles from Supernatural...
and this is what I ended up with.  
I'm actually quite pleased with this.
Doesn't look 'exactly' like him... but like I said.
I haven't drawn in 10 years.
That means I was 8 the last time I drew.

I'm still having a bit of trouble with the eyes, but I'm working on it.

What do you guys think?
Yay or nay?

Give me your opinions!! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Video Coming Soon!

I've been taking care of family again.
I swear our lives are always hectic.

Luckily, everything seems to be going pretty smoothly lately...
and I'll be able to upload a video by Friday.

It won't be a 'lie' like every other time turned out to be. :/

Just keep your eyes peeled for it! :D

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hopefully I'll be back to making videos soon...

Sadly, my grandmother had been put back in the hospital. She had to have her hand removed from the Reynolds, Sclurrederma, and Gangrene. I'm sorry if those weren't spelled correctly, but I have absolutely no idea how to spell those things. lol
I've been falling behind in school lately even, so don't think I was just neglecting this! :(

The hospital gave her MRSA, so she had to be hospitalized for a month. THEN she went to the nursing home, and THEY gave her C-dif and a blood infection, and lied about giving her pro-biotics, and her white blood count. 
That's how she ended up in the hospital... again! 
I would NEVER wish anyone the trouble she's been going through... not even on my worst enemy. 
She seems to be doing okay now, so I don't really have too spend all my time focusing on her health anymore... and now I can get focusing on my school work and my blog again. :)

Keep an eye out for all new vlogs and blogs coming soon. :D

Monday, September 5, 2011

Amazing Cosmetic Products for Under 5$!!

I apologize for all the jerking, and shaking. For some reason, my computer has NOT been acting right. :/ It seems like almost all of my videos are turning out this way. It's driving me nuts!!
And for some reason, they're not uploading in HD, even though that's what I'm uploading them/recording them as. :(

 I was not paid to make this video. I bought every single one of these products with my own money, and tested them myself. These are MY opinions.

Brands Mentioned:
- La Colors
- bhCosmetics

Friday, August 26, 2011

Out After Midnight - Dark Blue Eye Shadow Tutorial

I think I used WAY to many different eye shadows for this look, but hey, I had mix colors to get colors I wanted. I literally think that all this eye shadow is weighing my eyelids down... I'm not kidding.
You have my permission to laugh at this photo. :)

I think this would be a great look to wear if you were going to go out on a Friday night. Maybe play it down a little though since this is very bold and dark.

Products I used are listed at the end of the video.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nikki Minaj - Super Bass 'Inspired' Look!

Yes, it's a bit different. That's why it's an 'inspired' look. I felt like it needed to be played down a bit to be more wearable, you know? Anyways, this is my interpretation of it. :) Also, because I tried to go with colors that suited my skin tone better.
I didn't apply false lashes because my eye shape prevents me from doing so... but if you can wear them, go ahead and slap them on!! :)

The reason I used both the Loreal Lineur Intense & the ELF gel liner is because the Loreal is EXTREMELY black and the ELF isn't... but the Loreal is shiny, and the ELF isn't. So I put the ELF on top of the Loreal to get rid of the shine. Also, to make the winged tip at the end. :)

Also, NO... those are NOT zits on my forehead. I had a sleep study last night, and they had to tape a bajillion wires all over my face, neck, chest, stomach, legs, back, ect... The tape they used had latex in it, and I'm allergic... therefore I now have a major rashy thing going on. :/

Products Used:
ELF 32 color eye shadow palette
ELF Gel Liner
ELF White Eyeliner
L'oreal Paris Lineur Intense Carbon Black Liquid Eyeliner
L'oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Carbon Black Self-Advancing Eyeliner

Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Concealer
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
LA Colors Pressed Foundation Powder
ELF Blush 'candid coral'

NYC Lipstick in '417 Flirty'

Hair Cut Alert!

Yes! You read correctly! I got myself a haircut! My bangs/fringe are/is FINALLY back! I haven't had any actual bangs in probably 3 years. I don't really know why I was so scared to get them again. I think they look so cute! :) So many exclamation points!!!! lol

What do you think? Yay/Nay on the bangs/fringe?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with makeup, but....

I was bored, and I don't really have any internet right now (it's VERY iffy), so I thought I'd make all your ears bleed with my horrible singing. haha

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Foundation Routine!!

Products Use:
- Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye & brightener Duo
- Hard Candy GlamoflaugeHeavy Duty Concealor
- LA Colors Powdered Foundation

Let me apologize to you all for having to see my face without makeup! I kills me to look at, so I can't even imagine what it must do to you! D:

This is my 'most recent' foundation/concealer routine... and must I say the 'cheapest' and 'quickest' as well.

Hard Candy Undereye & brightening concealer: 10$
MAC Studio Finish Concealer: 20$

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer: 10$
MAC Studio Finish Concealer: 20$

LA Colors Powdered Foundation: 1$
MAC Studio Fix Powdered Foundation: 28$

Grande Totals?
MAC: 48$

As you can see... MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper. :)
I'd much rather pay 21$ than 48$... and in this case, you don't pay what you get for. The lower priced items work 110% better, and last on the face twice as long... even with sweating. At the end of the day, your makeup will still look terrific! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge has been moved....

... to it's own 'page'.
If you want to keep up with that, just go to the 'challenges' link in the menu. :)

Massive Makeup Haul!! & FOTD! :)

lol at my dad walking in and thinking I'm a psycho crazed lunatic for talking to myself! :)


 (The photo above is the actual color of the lipstick. It just looks a tad darker in the bottom photo for some odd unknown reason)

Stupid Car!!!

My dad's money pit of a car (sorry dad!) broke down again. It started overheating, and then BAM!! The transmission went out, and started squealing. IT WAS A BRAND NEW TRANSMISSION FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! It shouldn't have gone out like that. Anyways, when it went out we were on the bypass (st. rt. 33a), and we were able to move it to someones driveway on a side road going a whole 10 mi/hr! ha
We just sat there for 30 minutes in 100 degree weather sweating to death, waiting for his mom (my grandmother) to come pick us up, and take us back to the house to get the truck to tow it home.
I had to drive the truck (I don't have license! lol), while my dad steered the car. I was scared to death! There are so many curves, hills, intersections, ect... I was terrified we were going to get pulled over. 
We tried calling the insurance company to see if they could come out and tow it for us, but they wanted 75$ a mile, including the mileage from their business place thing, to then car. That's over 20 miles... no way in hell were we going to pay that much. That's almost 2,000$!!!!! D:> 

 Well, hello there transmission fluid!

On a positive note, I DID however pick up this cute ring while in town. :)
Note that the interior of this car is black leather...
If it wasn't already hot enough at 100 degrees, with a heat index of 115... this made it a whole heck of a lot worse. :/

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At My Grandmothers Until Friday...

So you all know that my grandmother has been very sick. She's been out of the hospital for 2 weeks, and last week my mom took care of her... and it's my turn this week.
I SHOULD be home tomorrow... Saturday at the latest.

Once I get home, I'll post a video of the gigantic haul I did yesterday and today. :D

Kelsie Ilesha :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly/July Faves!

This would have been uploaded at the end of July, but I just got my new camera the other day. :P
This is a video of this weeks favorite makeup products.

PLEASE PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE EXTREME AMOUNT OF PAINT SMEARS ON MY WALL!!! I have a 6 year old cousin who likes to destroy things. D:

ALSO... The TEMPORARY 'curtain' in my window. They were being washed, and I didn't want anyone looking in... hence the blanket. lol

1.) Covergirl TRUblend micro minerals finishing veil
2.) Covergirl TRUblend whipped foundation - Ivory
3.) MAC Studio Fix Foundation - NW20
4.) L'Oreal Glam Bronze
5 - 7.) Elf Duo Eyeshadows
8.) Elf Eye shadow Trio - Neutral
9 & 10.) Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Mascara & Rimmel London Volume Flash Mousse
11.) L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt-tip Liquid Eyeliner - Carbon Black
12.) Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
13.) L'Oreal Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner - Carbon Black
14.) LA Colors Black Sparkle Shadow
15.) LA Colors White Sparkle Shadow/Highlighter

Friday, August 5, 2011

Old Makeup.... When exactly is it time to throw it away?

Many people, myself included, keep using their makeup long after the expiration date. I've still got a creme eye shadow and 2 lip gloss's from the 90s... that' I still use! They don't give me any eye or skin irritations, so I figured... hey, if it does me no harm, why not use em'? I'm just one of those people who can't ever throw anything out... especially when they find something that they love. I've also got the habit of buying in bulk... so any makeup I buy, I'll usually have for a good 5+ years. As long as you don't open them, they should stay fresh.
So how long exactly is the 'average' life of your favorite makeup products? Let's find out.

Experts say....
Lipstick: 1 - 3 years
Lip gloss/chapstick: 2 years
Eye shadow (Powder): 2 years
Eye shadow (Creme/Cream): 12 - 18 months

Eyeliner: 3 - 6 months
Mascara: 3 - 6 months
Blush (Powder): 2 years
Blush (Creme/Cream): 6 - 8 months
Oil-Free Foundations: 12 - 16 months
Creme/Cream Foundations: 18 months
Powder Foundation: 2 years
Concealer: 12 - 18 months
Lotions: 2 years

When it comes to mascara's, it's not as much 'safety' reasons, as it dries out in that time period.

In all reality though, if you feel that your makeup is still safe and usable, go ahead and keep using it. If your makeup outlasts the recommended 'life', the best way to tell if it's gone bad is do a 'smell test'. If it starts smelly wonky, throw it out immediately. Sometimes, they can go bad before the expiration date... so I'd do a smell test about 6 months after you purchase it to be safe.

Here's a couple photos of the makeup I still have from the 90s. lol I should probably throw these out... but I think I'll wait until I can find me some good dupes.
(that's nail polish on the one container. I dropped my bag a few years back, and the nail polish shattered, getting everywhere)

Does anyone know what some good dupes for these ^^ colors? I'm having a heck of a time finding one. :/
The only one I can find that's similar is the Rubenesque paint pot by MAC, but it's a bit pricey.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

F&H OTD :) 8.4.2011 + Extras :)

My hair and makeup literally took me 30 minutes today. :) I honestly don't think I've ever been able to do my hair or my makeup that fast in my life. lol

I tried something a little different today with my hair. Yes, I know I know, I always curl it... but what I don't do is curl my bangs/fringe as well. I always leave those straight, and I don't think that looks that good to be honest. My bangs/fringe has always been too short to curl though, so that's why I'd straighten them.

Anyways... as for my makeup, I pulled out my 88 color matte palette from bhcosmetics. I used 3 shades of pink, a magenta, and a purple in the crease.
I didn't really do anything to my brows (as you can tell), because I didn't have enough time.
We had to take 2 kittens to the vet this morning for a check-up.
Normally, I wouldn't use pink for eyeshadow because it can make you look sick, but for some reason this looked okay. :D
I thought I'd try the pink though because of the pink shirt I'm wearing. I thought it'd be cute together. :)

I'm also wearing this necklace. I found this at Clear-creek about 6 years ago while on a school trip... never actually thought about wearing it. lol
It's really heavy, so I'm thinking it's probably silver.
It also looks really old. :)
I added the chain of course. ha
I also received this as a free gift when I bought my straightener from Sally's. :D

I can't wait to try this!!

They're hot rollers by Jilbere de Paris.

Has anyone else used these, or anything similar before? Did you like them?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shopping!... again

For the past month or so, I've been 'window shopping' on just about every clothing website imaginable... get it?  window shopping? When you get on the computer, you open up a 'window'. lol. I'm lame... I've even gone as far as shopping on Amazon. To my surprise, I've actually found some extremely cute items. :) My check should be coming here any day, and once it does I'm snatching up as much as I can... but until then, I can show you some of the Items I'm thinking about.

Surprisingly enough, I've really been thinking about wigs. I'm the type of gal who likes dying her hair a different color every month. I haven't been able to do that in over a year due to 'money issues'... not to mention, I have the hardest time trying to dye the back of my hair successfully. Wigs would be the PERFECT alternative. I'd never have to dye my hair again, yet I could still change hair colors whenever I wanted. That's what I call a match made in heaven. :) Below are a few of wigs I'm thinking about getting:

My style, as far as clothes go is evolving. It seems like  I'm starting to lean more towards pastels instead of darker colors now days. I'm also in love with floral designs, which I used to hate. I guess the girly girl is fighting it's way out of me, and it's going to come out whether I want it to or not. lol

I did have a few dresses picked out, but due to the limited amount of cash I receive... I had to put them back. I'm not entirely sure if I'd even wear them, and I didn't want to get them just to have them hang in my closet.

Have you ever noticed how hard jackets are to find? I mean seriously, it's like trying to find the missing link, or the lochness monster... or possibly even Bigfoot or a UFO. They're pretty much extinct or a myth! lol
Here's a few of the jackets that I was actually able to find! :D

Those are so cute, aren't they? Especially the ruffly blazer. :D

Now, let's move onto the shirts. I like many different styles of shirts. I honestly never stick to just one style. I tend to jump back and forth between rocker-ish, boho, preppy, ect. I like them all. :)


There are a couple of other items as well that I had picked out as well, but as I said before... cash shortage. :(

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cosi! (WARNING! This post is a bit lengthy!!)

Columbus, OH Skyline

I went to COSI in Columbus on Friday, and I thought I'd share some photos with you guys! :) It's a bit late, but to be honest, I forgot I had the photos. lol Yes, my memory is that bad. I've been meaning to get it checked for ages, but I figured it was just caused by my synthroid. :/
Sadly, all these photos were taken with my extremely crappy phone because I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take my camera. It's a big DSLR, and I wasn't sure if it had the same rules as a lot of other places... apparently it didn't, and I was the idiot who got stuck with crappy photos. The photo to the right shows you where COSI is located.

As we were heading towards COSI, we drove by this building... The LeVeque Tower. Would you believe this isn't even the tallest building in Columbus? It is now the second tallest. In 1974, the Rhodes State Office Tower was built, and took over the role as the tallest. The LeVeque Tower is 555 feet 6 inches (169.32 m) tall, which at the time of its completion made it the tallest building between New York City and Chicago and the fifth tallest building in the world. Hey look! You're getting a history lesson on a fashion and makeup blog! Bet you never saw that coming! lol This building is actually 1ft. taller than the Empire State Building!

The photo to the right is the Capital Building of Ohio... or at least that is what I was told. This building is only a couple blocks from COSI.
If you look closely, you can actually see the LeVeque Tower in the background!! (look at the right side of the photo). The funniest part of the day was the fact that my Aunt Kelly had never been to this part of Columbus. She's never seen skyscrapers before! There were 'oohhhs and aaahhhhhs' coming out of her mouth left and right. lol
The next set of photos are going to be of inside COSI.. FINALLY!! lol
Here's the link to COSI's official website: http://www.cosi.org/
Some photos have been borrowed from COSI Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COSI_Columbus

Now, onto COSI!
Here's a view of the COSI building from across the Scioto River. As you can see, it's a very large building.
What you might not know, is that this isn't the original building.
in 1999, they closed down the original COSI which was a few blocks away, and opened the doors to this one. They moved because the old building was much too small to house everything they wanted to show. It's much larger looking inside the building than it looks on the outside. Can you even imagine how big it is? Don't even try. You might get a brain tumor from too much brain strain. lol

When you first walk in the door, you're greeted by this MASSIVE clock/calender thing. It's called a foucault pendulum. Here's a link to the Wiki page in case you want to learn more about foucault pendulums:
It's actually pretty interesting. The earth actually spins under it, while the pendulum swings back and forth in a straight line... but it apears to spin.

There is a unicycle on a trapeze wire towering above everyone. I believe it's close to 2 stories up. I've never actually managed to build up the courage to ride this, but I've heard it's really fun.
We tried to get my cousin to ride it, but she wouldn't. lol. We even bribed her with money, but unfortunately she's a scardie cat like me. lol

The first place we stopped at after we waited in line for 45 minutes to get our tickets was the Space Exhibit. To be honest, it was the most boring exhibit. Not bad at first, but when my youngest cousin wanted to stay there for an hour. It god old... fast. We should have been in and out of there in 15 minutes, but no. Leave it to a 6 year old to slow everything down. He also got mad when we finally did leave. I mean, I don't know if it was because he didn't understand that there was more to see than just that or what... but it was annoying. lol 
I took some photos while we were in there, but thanks to it being so dark (because space is dark) in there, the photos turned out extremely horrible. :(
My aunts friend Patty had this idea to make them look like they were holding the moon up, and 2 of the 3 did anyways. I got the picture a little late because Ricky was already getting ready to stand up. lol Thanks a lot phone! It's soooo delayed! 
As we were getting ready to leave the space exhibit, we saw that they had a space capsule for people to get in and take photos, so we took full advantage of that and got a few photos of the kids inside. I couldn't believe that all three of them fit in it though! It was so small! Not only did they fit, but they had room to spare! I was going to get in it with Christie, but I was scared that I weighed too much (which is why I didn't get in a lot of photo exhibits).

Next, we went to the ocean exhibit. Unfortunately though, I didn't get any photos other than the one to the right. It's a photo of a whirlpool in a tank. We were supposed to see how big, and how powerful we could get it by using this twisty wheel lever thing. The faster you spun it, the bigger the whirlpool got. Christie had it pretty big... much much bigger than it is in this photo. lol. This is after she stopped, and we were getting ready to leave the exhibit. It's my favorite exhibit (along with just about everyone else who has ever went), and I was having too much fun to even think about pulling out my phone to take photos. I also didn't care to get my phone wet. There was water EVERYWHERE. Deep water. They have this one big area of water that's 4ft deep. Could you imagine if I would have dropped it in there? I would have never gotten it out!
The next exhibit we visited was the '...of the Past' exhibit. I'm not exactly sure what the real name of it is, because I don't recall it saying on the sign above it... but it's okay. The first part of the exhibit was from 1862. It was supposed to show us what life was like during the 1860s when the technology of that time period was starting to be developed. 
We had a little bit of gun here. :)
In the photo below, there was a rope with a hoop rapped around the beam above her, so we had the bright idea to make it look like she was hung. Don't ask. lol 
We also got a few photos of old fashioned 'cars', and an office. The post office that is in the 1860s exhibit is also in the 1960s exhibit, which you will see coming up next. But for now... here are some more photos from the 1860s exhibit. 

 I think that this was an old printer of some sort. When I took these photos, I should have labeled them on my phone that way I would have remembered what they were later. I never think of these things until it's too late, and I've already forgotten what everything is. :/
 I think that this is some type of printing press machine, next to a bookshelf full of 'important' books and papers. 
 Here's Christie with an old camera. I couldn't believe how hot it was in this room. I guess when they're wanting you to think of the 1860s, they go all out... as in, no air conditioning. lol
This is an old children's bicycle. I'm not sure if it's real, or just a replica for the exhibit... but either way, it looked old. Really old.

And, I couldn't believe how little it was!
Christie is about 5ft, so it shows you how little it was. 

To the right is a view of the 'street'.
If it wasn't for the black ceiling, it would almost look real. Like you actually got to take a step back in time and see what life was like back in the old days. I think it'd be really neat to actually go back in time to the 1800s and see what life was like. It would definitely make you appreciate what you have today, and not take anything you have for granted anymore.

Here's one of the 2 'cars', or 'buggies' they had in the exhibit. I can't believe that people actually used to drive these. They looked so unsafe. D:
I think I'd actually be a little scared to ride in one of these. You'd never know when it's going to decide to fall apart on you! 
The one on the left has a canopy, and the one on the right doesn't. Christie looks like she's trying to drive the one on the left. lol. Girl! There aren't any horses attached! ha

I think this is what used to be considered a telephone. Christie is pretending to be the 'operator'. 
Could you even imagine trying to use a phone like this? I couldn't. I'm perfectly happy with my cell phone... even though I hate my cell phone with a passion. ha

Old Post office box.
'Mail Box'

Christie standing beside the Post office light post.
Let me start of by saying I have no idea what kind of face she was making. It sort of looks like a rabbit? haha
You can see the 'car/buggy' thing beside her in the lower corner. We where having a heck of a time trying to get these two little boys off of it so we could get a photo. We literally stood there waiting for 15 minutes, and FINALLY their mom came over and got them. She yelled at them for staying on it even though there were 'two lovely girls' waiting to get a photo with it. lol. 
I sort of felt bad after it though because the kids couldn't have been any old than 5. :(

COSI had a News Anchor room/building thing inside the 1960s section of the exhibit. There was a teleprompter in front of her that she was supposed to read from, and a camera (you can see some of it to the right) that was filming her. It was an old camera actually from the early 60s, so it gave it an authentic feeling. :)

Old Phone Booth! :)

She though this was cool because it didn't take credit cards. lmao!
She seriously didn't know that they used to take quarters. :P

Old Coca Cola Machine... or cooler.
Probably a cooler. ha
I want this so bad. :D


Old 1950s - 1960s telephones.
The really sad thing?
I have the black one on the top shelf...
and I actually use it. ha
 Here's an old 1960s gas station with an old car sitting in the 'parking lot'. I want that car really bad. It was in surprisingly good shape for sitting in a children's science museum.

Here's a preview of what the street looked like facing towards the tunnel...
Through the tunnel was the 1860s section of the exhibit, and let me just say, if I though the 1860s was hot... the tunnel was even hotter.
It felt like I was stuck inside
This guy scared the living daylight out of me.
He was a robot, and he was controlling the music playing in the exhibit.
He also talked, which was way beyond creepy. ha

Here's a photo of Christie standing in front of an old fridge. Once again... all this stuff is in surprisingly good condition for where it's at.

In the photo to the right, Christie is standing in front of an old washer and dryer.
Look at this old oven! lol
I guess this must have been the original 'built in' oven.
To the right is a table full of old radios, tvs, ect. basically just a table full of old electronics.
Here is a view of one of the 'streets'. A couple of the buildings you were actually able to go inside, and experience things the way they were in the 60s.
Here's another building inside the exhibit. It's hard to believe that they were actually able to get buildings that tall inside of a room... granted they were just props... but they were full size.
Christie is standing in front of an old stove/oven... well, actually two of them. lol

Here is a full street view of the 1960s section of the exhibit.
Here's a photo of the 'Diner' sign.
Inside of the Diner.
Christie sitting on a stool inside the Diner.

Well there you go! There are the photos I got from COSI. :)
There were many more exhibits than what I'm showing you... but these are the only ones I was able to take photos in.