Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potentially Bad News... & My Brushes!!

Recently, I've come down with strep which feels like it's killing me, and on top of that my sinuses are acting up. I've felt TERRIBLE. I don't really know if I'm going to be able to post my first tutorial on Friday or not. We'll just have to see if I feel better by then. Right now, it's not looking to great. It took 3 days to get antibiotics and each day I felt like I was getting 600x worse. Now I've been on the antibiotics for 3 days, and I'm still progressively getting worse. Maybe it'll get worse before it get's better? Oh God I hope so. 

And now onto the brushes!!

All of my brushes except for 1 is by 'Studio M Professional'.
The other brush is by 'Studio M Eco'.
I must say that these are FANTASTIC brushes.
But... as with any brand of brushes... have their up's and down's.
Both of these brush lines from Studio M are fantastic...
They have high end as well as low end brushes.
I advise you to stay away from their low end 'plastic' brushes.
They fall to pieces almost instantly.
However, the 'professional' and 'eco' brushes do not.

The professional prices vary from 8$ to 25$... & the eco prices vary from 3$ to 10$.

I picked up these brushes from my local Meijers. I'm not exactly sure where else has these, but I'll look around.
The closes brushes I've been able to find to these are 'POSH'.
They are literally the EXACT same brushes with different names... and better quality... also a little bit more pricey.
Here's the website.

Posh is also selling lip stains as well.
They cost around 20$ a piece. 

The Studio M Eco brushes are exactly the same as the Eco-Tools brushes.
I'm starting to think 'Studio M' is just Meijers brand for their brushes & make-up.
here's a link to Eco-tools website.

Anyways... getting back to the brushes I use...
they're mainly all double tipped brushes because they were cheaper than a standard brush.

The first brushes will be the face brushes:

1.Studio M Professional Powder & Blush Duo Brush

2. Studio M Professional Foundation & Conceal Duo Brush

3. Studio M Professional Conceal & Touch Up Duo Brush

The next set of brushes will be for the eyes, and eyebrows.

4. Studio M Professional Angle Shadow & Eyeliner Duo Brush

5. Studio M Professional Brow & Smudge Duo Brush

6. Studio M Professional Comb & Brow Brush

7. Posh/Studio M Professional Crease Shadow Brush

8. Studio M Eco (Bamboo) Eyeshadow Brush

9. Studio M Professional Eyelash Curler

Some of my brushes, as you can see, are starting to get a little wear... but that's because I've had most of them for about 3+ years. Once I get a little money, I'm going back to meijers and getting me some more brushes. Preferably a lip brush and a Kabuki brush, ect.

To people who have used these brushes...
What do you think of them?
Would you recomend them to someone else? I know I would. :)

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