Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Simple Eyeshadow Palettes!

I know we all love eyeshadow palettes, but it's so hard to find palettes with colors we use. Well, what if you could completely make your own personal eyeshadow palettes with colors only you use?

I was watching some videos on youtube earlier today, and I came across a video showing how to make your own eyeshadow palette using a DVD case/ or CD case. I prefer the DVD case because it's much larger and looks more like a real eyeshadow palette.

Palette #1

Palette #2

Well... that is, until you open them up...

Palette #1

palette #2

Just a heads up when doing this... you will want to use a lighter or candle to carefully heat up the underneath to melt the glue. I did not... therefore a lot of the eyeshadow's broke when trying to get them out, and a lot of the pots are bent and mangled.

Step 1: Get a blank CD or DVD case.

Step 2: Pull out the paper on the front and back.

Step 3: Get your eyeshadow's out.

Step 4: Gently warm up the bottom of the eyeshadow cases with your lighter or candle. 
Careful not to catch it on fire. Also, make sure you hold it so only the tip of the flame is touching the plastic.

Step 5: Pop out the eyeshadow pots from the case.
Be very careful, and very slow so you don't bend or brake the eyeshadow or the pots.

Step 6: Place eyeshadows in CD or DVD case & arrange them the way you want them.

Step 7: Put glue on the bottom of the eyeshadow pot, or in the DVD case, and carefully place the eyeshadow in its place.
You can use basically any kind of glue, but hot glue works the best. Super glue works as well.

Step 8: Leave the case open to dry.

Step 9: Decorate!


I hope this helped you with your DIY palette. There are tutorials all over youtube on how to make these... some much better than others. There are even tuts on how to make them look like real professional palettes. I suggest checking them out! :D

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