Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini Brush Haul!

I just found out that we're not going down to Glouster until Saturday due to my mom and I being sick. My grandmother is very ill, and we really can't be around her or she might die. :/

We stopped at Meijers on our way home from Lancaster last night. I've been wanting to go to Odd Lots, err Big Lots, but Meijers is a good second I guess. Before we left, I ran back to the make-up isle, and grabbed me a few brushes. For 25$, I got 6 brushes (they were on sale!!) and a white jumbo eyeshadow pencil. The brushes were more of the Studio M Eco ones.... but the lip brush that I've so desperately needed, was Studio M Professional. You just got to LOVE getting things on sale. I would have spent over 70$ on all that if they weren't. Good buy? I think so. :)

On another note, I ordered my 88 palette from bhcosmetics last night as well. :) I can't wait for it to get here. :D

Here are my new brushes! They are from the Eco-Tools line...
well, the store brand of their brushes anyway.
I find them to actually have better quality. :D

They came in this VERY cute and handy pouch/bag.
I'm so looking forward to decorating this. :)

Brush #1: Just a basic powder brush.

Brush #2: A large shading brush.

Brush #3: An angle shadow brush.  
(which I would consider an eyeliner brush)

Brush #4: Just a basic eyeshadow brush.

Brush #5: A very nice eyebrow comb & groomer brush.
(sorry the photo looks like that. it was blurry & I tried to sharpen it)

I also picked my up a cute little lip stick brush to replace the one my cat ran off with! :D

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