Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Make-up!!

My parents greeted me this morning with a birthday/easter basket/present thing.
There was sooo much makeup and nail polishes inside! And ring pops and sugar daddys. love love love them for that.
Those are seriously the only candy I like. ha

Look what I got!!!

First we'll start with the nail polishes!
They're ALL L.A Colors EXCEPT for the last one.
It's by Nicole.
 This one has a TON of sparkles and STARS!! :D
Also... this one is from my grandmother...
not my parents.

Now onto the rest!
I'm not exactly sure what brand the top 3 are... but I think the colors are gorgeous!
 These 2 palettes are L.A Colors
 You have NO idea how happy I am that my parents got me a new white eyeshadow.
My old MAC one is almost empty. *sigh*
They also got me a new black eyeshadow!!
I LOVE LA Colors black eyeshadow because of the faint sparkles...
also because it's EXTREMELY pigmented...
A LOT darker than MAC.
Just saying.

These 2 lipsticks are not as similar as they look in the photo.
the one on the left is more of a pink red... and the one on the right is more of a berry red/burgundy.
Also... the one on the right smells like cupcakes!
How great is that? lol

OH! If you guys are ever wondering whats all over/under my fingernails/fingers... it's eyeshadow and eyeliner.
That stuff is a pain in the butt to get out from under the nails. lol
Also... the green on my thumbnail is what's left of the neon green nail polish. I tried to wipe it off... needless to say, I'm DEFINITELY going to need nail polish remover. :P

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