Sunday, April 17, 2011

shoes shoes shoes! & Big Lots.

Well technically since my blog is called 'Clothes, Hair & Make-up.. OH MY!' I have the right to post something about shoes... since shoes are sort of clothes. lol Well actually, I have the right to post what ever kind of nonsense I want since it is my blog and all. haha

I have gotten the 2 most CUTEST pairs of shoes ever. 1 of which is a pair of flats, and the other is a pair of heels.

The Flats:
I sort of wore them already. lol
I just couldn't resist wearing them the night I got them.
They were just too cute! :D

The Heels:
Originally, you could buy these from Kohls, but since they quit selling these a year ago... I had to pull some BIG money to get a pair shipped to me.
(the person who originally ordered them never paid for them)

I FINALLY got to go to Big Lots... Sadly, they didn't have any Posh brushes. I was so looking forward to getting some too. :(
They DID however have some E.L.F products. I decided I deserved to spend the rest of my money on something I would actually use... so I got me a couple things.

If only, If only you knew how long I've been searching for a smudge brush like these. AGES I TELL YOU! AGES! lmao. Okay, I'm done with my psychotic episode.
Now onto the pictures!

Next is a cheap, but still decent, eyelash curler. (it came in a set with the black brush, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow)

Eyeshadow Pigments

Eyeshadow Trio


Liquid Liner

So far I've used everything I bought... and I actually LOVE it all.
I'm not big on 'browns'... but I actually liked these.
They're shimmery, so they tend to not stand out as badly...
which I like.

Also... My bhcosmetics palette hasn't arrived yet, which is really making me mad.
I bought the 2 day shipping... and I bought the palette back on the 14th...
I know it's only been a day over... but when I pay for something.. I want it.

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