Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White & Blue Smokey Eye

I just found out that I'm going to be going down to Glouster for my cousins 13th birthday on Thursday, and I won't have any access to the internet what so ever... so I'm going to go ahead and post this today.

I've got VERY low eyebrows, so doing make-up on myself is a little difficult. But anyways, here we go!

1. Start with a clean eye.
Make sure that your eyes are not overly greasy, or the eyeshadow will crease. I suggest washing your eyes prior to this to make sure they are as clean as you can possibly get them.

2. Apply eye primer or base.
Now unfortunately... I don't have an eye primer, so I used my MAC NW20 concealer. Works almost as well. I'd still recommended a primer or base though. The colors will be much more vivid with one.

3. Apply white eyeshadow
I used MAC Gesso for this. It's just a matte white. Any matte white should do the job just fine.

4. Apply a bright blue at the outside corner.
I used a blue from my LA Colors homemade palette.

(The blue that is circled)

5. Blend.

6 & 7. Apply a darker blue in the crease & blend.

8. Continue blending & 'spread' it out past the eye & above the brow bone. Add more if needed.

9 - 11. Apply shadow on lower lash line.
a. first dark blue
b. then bright blue
c. finally light blue
Then blend.

12. Apply mascara on the upper & lower lashes.

13. Apply a little bit of eyeliner on the lower water line & squint so it spreads to the upper water line.

14a. Take your eyeliner brush and add some black powder liner the the upper lash line. (use either this or liquid liner)

14b. Apply liquid eyeliner to upper lash line & extend outward for a winged look. (use either this or the powder liner)
I find it soooo hard to use liquid liner. My hands are extremely shaky  and I can't get them to stay still long enough to do it.


With Lashes!!

Eyelashes are optional.
Don't forget to use a highlight on your brow. I completely forgot to mention that. That's extremely important!

- MAC NW20 Concealer
- MAC Gesso eyeshadow
- LA Colors 'bright blue' (shown in photo above)
- Rimmel London 'dark blue' (shown in photo above)
- LA Colors 'light blue' (shown in photo above)
- LA Colors 'black carbon' shadow liner (shown in photo above)
- Maybelline 'the Colossal Volume Express' Mascara
- L'oreal Paris 'Carbon Black' Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing eyeliner
- L'oreal Paris 'Carbon Black' Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid eyeliner

I hope you guys liked the tutorial! I'll be doing them every Friday. :D
Leave your comments on the look below. 

Oh... and I SWEAR my eyebrows don't usually look that unruly.  I've been extremely sick & lazy.

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