Sunday, May 8, 2011

bhcosmetics and apology!!

First off, I've got to apologize to you for not posting tutorials. I've been at my moms, and she doesn't have a computer. :/
I WILL however, start posting a bunch of them here soon to make up for it. lol. 'make up'. pun intended. :)

I recieved an email from bhcosmetics the other day, stating that they had taken the 88 color matte palette off the market, and had recently put it back on with a new formula. They are sending everyone that bought one within the last few weeks a new one with the new packaging and formula. I've got to call customer service tomorrow so they can send me out a new one.
Can you believe the casing on it has BROKEN ALREADY!?!?!
yeap. the clasp broke right in half while I was trying to open it.
my luck is terrible. :/

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