Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stupid Car!!!

My dad's money pit of a car (sorry dad!) broke down again. It started overheating, and then BAM!! The transmission went out, and started squealing. IT WAS A BRAND NEW TRANSMISSION FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! It shouldn't have gone out like that. Anyways, when it went out we were on the bypass (st. rt. 33a), and we were able to move it to someones driveway on a side road going a whole 10 mi/hr! ha
We just sat there for 30 minutes in 100 degree weather sweating to death, waiting for his mom (my grandmother) to come pick us up, and take us back to the house to get the truck to tow it home.
I had to drive the truck (I don't have license! lol), while my dad steered the car. I was scared to death! There are so many curves, hills, intersections, ect... I was terrified we were going to get pulled over. 
We tried calling the insurance company to see if they could come out and tow it for us, but they wanted 75$ a mile, including the mileage from their business place thing, to then car. That's over 20 miles... no way in hell were we going to pay that much. That's almost 2,000$!!!!! D:> 

 Well, hello there transmission fluid!

On a positive note, I DID however pick up this cute ring while in town. :)
Note that the interior of this car is black leather...
If it wasn't already hot enough at 100 degrees, with a heat index of 115... this made it a whole heck of a lot worse. :/

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