Sunday, July 24, 2011

sale! SaLe! SALE!

I'm in the process of cleaning out my bedroom so I can remodel. I've got to get rid of an entire dresser, so I have to go through the clothes, and get rid of what I don't want, don't wear, and possibly never have worn.

I thought, what's a better idea than sell them?!?

The majority of these clothes haven't even been worn, and if they have it was only once.

Whatever doesn't sell will probably go to goodwill. They won't keep any of it though because the one where I live is EXTREMELY picky on what they sell. It's sort of stupid if you ask me. I thought the whole point of goodwill was to provide 'like new' items to the public who can't afford to buy them new? Guess not.

I will only accept payments by money order or green dot cards. I'm still not quite used to using paypal. sorry.
If you don't live too far from Lancaster, Ohio... I will accept cash.

Head on over to my 'CLOSET' link to view what I have for sale at this moment! :)

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