Tuesday, July 26, 2011

:*( My Grandmother's in the Hospital...

My Grandmother has been in the hospital for ever 2 weeks now. She's already had to have a finger amputated, and now they're saying she might have to have the whole hand amputated.

I'd appreciate it if you'd keep her in your prayers. Her name is Christine Sikorski.

Even people who don't believe in God, will you please at least keep her in your heart?

She's been battling Reynolds, and Scleroderma for the past 8 years.
She has already had to have all the toes on one foot amputated, 2 toes on the other foot, 3 fingers on one hand, and 2 on the other. Soon to be 3.

No one should have to go through this much pain.

The hospital is NOT doing their job. They've been giving her medication secretly that they've been told NOT to give her. They've been putting Nitro Glycerin on her fingers, to help the blood flow (but that only makes them worse). It's not supposed to make them worse, but it does.

When she went into the hospital, she had NOTHING wrong with her finger. 3 days later, it needed to be removed.

They're also giving her medication that is making her 'lose it'. She's been seeing things, hearing things, ect... that aren't there.

I'm only hoping that you'll keep her in your prayers and hearts...
I don't think any of us could handle losing someone else this month... or anytime soon for that matter.

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