Friday, July 15, 2011


The other day I went on a small, yet successful haul. :)
Clothes mainly... err completely.

Here's a little look of what I got, and where I got it from... and the price. :)


The first shirt I bought was this adorable little pink ruffly shirt. It has a MAJOR slimming effect. :D You've GOT to love that.
I got this shirt for 15$ at Meijers. :)

I also got 3 more of this design.
1 in a hot pink/tangerine.
1 in black
& 1 in white.

The next shirts are also from Meijers, and were also 15$.

These shirts are sort of a coral pink color.
I also got two more of these.
1 in a mint-y green, and one in black. :)

I love the backs of these shirts. They're so lacey... and flowery.

They fit loose, and the arm wholes are HUGE, so you don't have to worry about 'sweat stains' in the pits.
You will need to wear a tank under these though, unless you like displaying every single 'item' under it.

 I also got this cute little purple/grey/gold striped shirt.
Even though it's got horizontal stripes, it still has a slimming effect.
I think it has to do with the ruffles on the side, and the large sleeves.
(I apologize for the HORRIBLE photo of this... well all of them a matter of fact)
Sadly... you can't really see the ruffles on the side. :(

This was also 15$... I think?
possibly 20$.

This shirt is sooo cute!!
it's a grey jersey/silky kind of material.
Cost? 25$

FINALLY!!! The last Item I bought from Meijers...
3 pairs of black leggings.
They're so thin and comfortable for the summer... yes, even though they're black. :)
oh, and did I mention they were only 4$!!!!!!! :D
what a steal!

Grande Total? 171$

Now, onto the Items I bought from Kohls. :)

When I saw this shirt, I just couldn't help but snatching it...
It fit's loosely, and it's the PERFECT shirt for that 'time of the month' bloating feeling.
It's a little short, but that's nothing a tank under can't fix. :)
This was 20$ on sale! :D

I also bought me a pair of black suede peep toe heels. :)
The heel on these are much taller than they look. They're sort of sinking into the blanket a little bit. ha
They're actually 4 3/4 or 5 inches.
Brand: Candie's
I think these were around 90$ originally, but since I signed up for a Kohls card, I got these for 60$!!!
not to mention, they are SUPER comfortable, and so easy to walk in!

Next, I bought me a pair of metal/tan colored wedges.
To me, these have 'rocker-chic' written all over them.
The 'heel' or 'wedge' is 5 1/2 inches...
Not as easy to walk in as you would expect.
These take a little practice.
Brand: Elle
Price: Originally 100$... but I got them for 70$. :)
Grande Total: 150$


Yes, I know what you're all thinking...
"ew?!?!?! GOODWILL?!?!?!"... let me just tell you this.
The Goodwill where I live has 2 different sides.
the 'new' side, where everything is pretty much brand new...
and the actual 'goodwill' side.
I got this stuff from the 'new' side.

I got these cute pair of wedges for 5$!!!!!!!!!
They were originally 100$!!
If that isn't a good steal, I don't know what is!
Brand: Chinese Laundry
The 'blue' is actually more of a teal.

and this shirt... a 'Miley Cyrus' shirt.
I already had this shirt a long time ago because I though it was really cute, but them my cat puked on it and ruined it... so when I found this one, (and in my size!!) I had to get it. :)
5$ :)

Grande Total: 10$!!


I'm seriously getting tired of shopping for clothes when my size prevents me from actually finding anything cute. Every now and then though, I find something. :)
Like this!

I have a white one too, but it was being washed, (this one was hanging to dry) so I couldn't take a photo of it. :(
Price: 25$
It fits baggy, which is nice.
A little long though. I really can't complain about that though, since I'm a sucker for long shirts.
I never really have like short shirts. They just make you look bigger in my opinion.
(please excuse the floor... we just tore up the carpet to put in wood floors)
Grande Total: 50$

Here's two photos of me 'modeling' one of the shirts and the leggings! lol
and the black heels... but you can't really see them.
(not my bedroom)

Weight loss update: 15lbs. :)

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