Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hopefully I'll be back to making videos soon...

Sadly, my grandmother had been put back in the hospital. She had to have her hand removed from the Reynolds, Sclurrederma, and Gangrene. I'm sorry if those weren't spelled correctly, but I have absolutely no idea how to spell those things. lol
I've been falling behind in school lately even, so don't think I was just neglecting this! :(

The hospital gave her MRSA, so she had to be hospitalized for a month. THEN she went to the nursing home, and THEY gave her C-dif and a blood infection, and lied about giving her pro-biotics, and her white blood count. 
That's how she ended up in the hospital... again! 
I would NEVER wish anyone the trouble she's been going through... not even on my worst enemy. 
She seems to be doing okay now, so I don't really have too spend all my time focusing on her health anymore... and now I can get focusing on my school work and my blog again. :)

Keep an eye out for all new vlogs and blogs coming soon. :D

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