Saturday, May 14, 2011

MissChevious Inspired Look (PREVIEW)

I absolutely LOVED the Rio De Janeiro look that Julia (MissChevious) did for her World Cities tutorials. I though the colors were just flat out gorgeous! And so bold!
This is a preview of what I will be doing next Friday!
(it may be earlier than that. Depends if I'll be here on Friday)
Hopefully by then I'll have me some bigger and better lashes, because these ones are suckish.
You can't even see them. :/

MissChevious Blog:
MissChevious Youtube:

Please pay no attention to that unruly eyebrow.
Also, I wish I could find a camera that would actually focus on my eyes!! :(
I promise that when I do the tutorial that it will look better than this...
This was just my experiment version. :)

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